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Where else can I purchase your products?      Besides right here on our site, you can purchase on amazon or ebay.  Not all variations are available.

What is the difference in a type 1 and type 2 bracket?      The type 2 bracket is 1.5" shorter than the type 1, so it brings the alternator closer to the cylinder head.  This can aid in clearance for narrow LS swap applications. The type 2 will ONLY work with the Truck/5th gen Camaro balancer.    The type 1 will work with all three LS balancers, depending on which one you select when ordering.

Will your bracket work with an electric water pump?      Yes, either of the "adjustable idler" versions will work with an electric water pump, including the Meziere.   You will orient the idler block 180 degrees from normal, so that the slot is in the bottom hole of cylinder head.  The pulley will tension against the top of the belt.  Click here for photo of belt routing.