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LS Alternator Only Bracket and Adjustable Idler System *Type 1* - Standard or Electric Water Pump

LS Alternator Only Bracket and Adjustable Idler System *Type 1* - Standard or Electric Water Pump

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GM LS "Alternator Only” Bracket and Adjustable Idler system, ls alternator bracket no power steering. CNC Machined in the USA from 6061 aircraft grade billet aluminum.

  • Designed to work with all three LS balancers without spacing the water pump.   We provide different length spacers / bolts depending on which LS harmonic balancer you are using.   Choose from the menu when ordering.
  • Mounts the alternator on the top of driver’s side of the motor.  Top mount driver side LS alternator bracket. 
  • Works with the 145 or 160 amp factory LS truck alternator, the high output 220 or 240 amp truck alternators, or the 105 amp LS1 F-Body alternator.    Fits 99-2005 Truck AD230 (small case) and any AD244 (large case) [5.46" lug spacing].  Also Fits 98-02  Camaro CS130 case (5.46")
  • Compatible with any LS series engine, because everything bolts to the cylinder head.  This includes LQ4, LQ9, LS1, LS2, LS3, LSX, and more.
  • Works with Electric Water Pumps! It can also be used to drive the alternator directly off the crank if using an electric water pump. The slotted idler can be used as a belt tensioner. Will work with the Meziere and PRP electric pump.  Also works with Big Block Chevy Electric Water Pump.
  • Choose from 3 idler pulleys: smooth steel idler pulley for factory water pumps, polymer pulley with flanged sides for electric water pumps, or the billet aluminum pulley (black) option also found here , recommended for high horsepower/ drag racing applications.  
  • Places the alternator below an LS1 style intake — lower than any other bracket available! The included idler pulley increases belt wrap on both the crank pulley and alternator pulley, and guarantees you won’t sling a belt off.
  • The distance from the engine center-line to the outside of the alternator is only 16”.   If you need narrower, see the Type 2 bracket which is 1.5" shorter.
  • This setup retains the factory active tensioner. Make sure you have the same tensioner as the balancer you are using (Truck, LS1 or Corvette).  It is compatible with the aftermarket tensioners also.
  • Important Note: this bracket will not work in a 4th Gen. F-Body Camaro with F-Body/LS-1 Balancer without modification.  The ABS Module causes clearance issues.  See Type 2 (narrower) bracket.  It will work in a 4th Gen F-Body as long as you are running a Truck Balancer.
  • WILL NOT WORK in a 3rd Gen. Cadillac CTS-V

Important notes about Corvette accessory drive :

  • The coolant temperature sensor needs to be relocated to the passenger side head when using the Corvette balancer / accessory drive.
  • Corvette spacing will not work with tall aftermarket valve covers.

 You only need to buy the serpentine belt.  Factory Water Pumps: 68.5" long 6-rib drive belt, part number 685K6 or 6PK1740.  These are available at your local auto parts store and they should be able to cross reference the part numbers.

If you are using an electric water pump, the belt length is 49.75 or 50" for stock diameter balancers.  Use part numbers 6PK1270 or 6PK1265. It is a tight fit. Start the belt on the alternator pulley first, then the main balancer pulley.  Last, press the tensioner pulley against the belt and install.

If you are running an undersized balancer, you will need a shorter belt than listed.

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